As the campaign for US Senate heats up, the gloves are coming off. Former Senate hopeful Republican Paul Hollis has filed a lawsuit against Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu claiming she cannot represent Louisiana because she does not live in the state.

ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley suggests this merely is a political ploy to detract from the senator's re-election campaign.  "Senator Landrieu has a residency in Louisiana, whether it is with her parents or not is irrelevant.  She pays taxes here in Louisiana as a Louisiana resident"

The US Constitution states that in order to qualify you have to be a registered voter in the state where you are running and an "inhabitant" of that state.  The Secretary of State's office says Landrieu is a registered Louisiana voter.  Stockley doesn't think the lawsuit will have any long-term effect on Landrieu's campaign, but feels it can be a temporary issue.

"Because instead of talking about other issues like oil and gas, education, and her chairmanship, she's going to have to spend a little bit of time defending that she is a Louisiana resident."

Hollis ended his race for the Senate in July, and has endorsed Republican US Rep Bill Cassidy.