We hear about stabbings and beatings every day...but a stabbing with a fork? And beating with a shovel? Seems out of the ordinary...but that's what happened in Shreveport over the weekend. Police arrived at LSU Hospital yesterday to find 24-year-old Melvin Demming suffering from a laceration to the head. They found out that Demming and 21-year-old Cierra Blackburn got into an argument in the 1800 block of Rainwater Street, when Blackburn armed herself with a fork and attacked Demming with it. Blackburn's been arrested on one count of aggravated battery.

And another Shreveport woman is accused of beating her man with a shovel. Police say 56-year-old Robert Jackson suffered some serious face and head injuries, after allegedly being beaten by 47-year-old Theresa Ealy at a home on Spruce Street. Ealy is charged with aggravated second-degree battery.