Chimp Haven in Keithville has some new residents. Behaviorist Amy Fultz tells KEEL News the first group of nine chimpanzees from the New Iberia Research Center in south Louisiana has arrived at the sanctuary -- and another seven will be there tomorrow. She says those chimps are being integrated into the facility's existing groups.

So, how does the staff decide which group to put them with? Fultz says she gets reports from the sending institution. "[They] send me behavioral reports, as well as the medical records on the chimpanzees," Fultz says. "So it can be based on some of their medical issues that they might have, it can be based on their ages, what experiences they've had in the past, how many chimpanzees they've lived with in the past."

In this first group, there's only one male, Julius. With three "little ones" now at the sanctuary -- Tracy, Valentina Rose and Natalie (in the order of their birth), all fathered by long-time resident Conan -- we had to the new guy going through "the procedure"? Fultz says she believes he already has...and yes, all the new females will be taking birth control pills.

Listen to the rest of my interview with Fultz here: