We're already hearing from parents concerned about palm scanner technology that's headed to Bossier Parish schools. Some are highly skeptical, and others say they like the idea. We wanted to know more about it.  Bossier Schools spokeswoman Sonja Bailes talked with KEEL News to set the record straight.

"We appreciate the fact that any time there is change, that there are questions about it, and some people may have anxiety about it," Bailes says. "But let me assure everyone that this is perfectly safe."

Bailes says there's no invasive contact, and the information is highly secure. It stays within Bossier schools and isn't shared with any other entity. She says there are many benefits to the system. "First of all, it offers a parent more flexibility," Bailes says. "It increases security and it also speeds up the lunch line." That gives the kids more time to eat -- 20 minutes does go by fast. Another benefit she touts is increased security. A child's palm print is unique to him or her, so there's no danger of another child charging lunch to someone else's account.

The scanners will be implemented first at Waller Elementary next Monday. Other schools will follow within the next month-and-a-half. If you want more details on the technology, listen to my full interview with Bailes:

Many people who have responded to our KEEL POLL QUESTION OF THE DAY are expressing their displeasure for the plan. Feel free to share your thoughts, too.