As a result of several recent drug busts, the Bossier City Police Department is now more than $18-thousand better off.  Bossier/Webster District Attorney Schuyler Marvin has handed Bossier City Police Chief Shane McWilliams a $18,114 check for the Police Department's share of proceeds from 12 drug investigations made since August of 2012.  The money comes from seized cash, vehicles, and other property.

The Bossier City Police Department received 60% of the proceeds from those 12 drug cases.  Another 20% has gone to the Bossier Parish Criminal Court Fund and the remaining 20% stays with the Bossier/Webster District Attorney's Office.

Chief McWilliams says the proceeds will be used to fund future drug enforcement operations by the recently-formed Bossier Combined Narcotics Task Force.  That task force was formed in October of last year through a combined effort of the Bossier City Police Department and the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office.