Blayne Weaver: Bossier City Native, Director, Producer, Actor. He has a long resume of projects he's been involved in. He talked with 710 KEEL's Robert and Erin about those, especially the new thriller "Favor," which premiered this week on Video on Demand.

Blayne told us he started acting at a very young age.

"I started doing theater at five with the Peter Pan Players, which was a local children's theater here for years," he said. "Three shows a year until I was about 15. About 15, I started auditioning for things out of Dallas. My mom would drive me out there and I'd audition for stuff. And I booked a couple of things."

Blayne booked an NBC movie, and a cowboy movie with Matt Damon and Tommy Lee Jones on TNT. When he finished high school at Parkway, he moved to New York for about six months, then had a job that took him to Los Angeles. He just recently moved back to New York.

He also told us about his first on-screen kiss, where he got some advice from George Clooney:

"So I did an episode of ER, and I had to kiss a girl in the episode. So right before we do the scene and, by the way, I'm doing the scene with George Clooney, and as if that's not intimidating enough, I have to have my first on-sceen kiss. And he's like, 'You done this before?' And I'm like, 'I've kissed a girl. I know what I'm doing.' He's like, 'Have you done it on TV?' And I'm like, 'No.' And so he's like, 'Lemme give you some tips.' So he kinda told me where to grab her waist, and put her face towards camera -- cause everybody wants to see the pretty girl, nobody wants to see me...and then we did the scene."

Needless to say, he got a thumbs-up from Clooney. And he said he still uses the techniques today.

Blayne stars in the new indie movie "Favor," which is doing very well on VOD and iTunes. He told us more about his role.

"I accidentally kill the woman that I'm having an affair with. And I don't want anyone to know about this, of course. And I go to my childhood best friend, who I haven't seen in a while -- we've taken different paths in life -- and I go and ask him to help me get rid of this body. And he does, and then things derail into a suspense thriller from there. As if that's not suspenseful enough."

Blayne has been in town this week to teach an ArtBreak workshop for high-schoolers about film production and acting for film. What's his usual first stop when he comes back home? He told us he always goes to Superior Bar & Grill for Mexican food and chips and salsa.

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