After hearing a lot about the movie "Bernie," my husband and I went to see it. If you live under a rock and haven't heard, it's a movie about the murder of an elderly, wealthy woman in Carthage, Texas whose body was found in a deep freeze.  The murder  happened in Carthage, so it's like it happened right in our own back yard. I had a friend tell me, get yourself some Depends -- this movie will make you laugh so hard you'll wet your pants.

Well it didn't, and I didn't, but it was still a real entertaining movie!

It's not a big budget movie, and it's full of local Carthage people who spoke right up and did a good job of describing this loveable killer who everybody wanted to be set free. No Hollywood casting agent could ever have come up with characters that already live in Carthage. The clothing, make up and ring-on-every-finger look was definitely Texas all the way.

"Bernie" star Mathew McConaughey is from Carthage and plays the prosecuting attorney. Jack Black is Bernie, a friendly and lovable funeral director. Shirley McClain is the wealthy, elderly woman.

Be sure to see "Bernie."  It's no longer in theaters, so look for it on Netflix. And you can leave your Depends at home.

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