I'll never forget the first day I looked down at my cell phone and it told me that it would take me 30 minutes to get home and advised me that traffic was light... What the?!?!

How did my phone know where I was going or where home was exactly? Imagine my consternation on the days I generally went to the gym and my smart phone mapped out that route? Like most Americans, I marveled for a moment and then didn't think a thing of it.

That's the world we're living in the today. The age of 'smart' devices. Now there's another device in your home that you need to worry about and that's your vacuum cleaner... your iRobot Roomba to be precise.

We've all seen the cute videos on YouTube with the cat riding the little self propelled vacuum cleaners all over the house. Adorable, right? Not so much. The device uses sensors to steer 'round the rooms of your house, deftly avoiding furniture, sucking up debris to make our lives easier... or do they?

I heard a news story saying that the company that makes the Roomba, called iRobot, wants to sell the information they glean about your home, specifically the layout and floor plan. This sounded like a recipe for disaster to me and I had to look it up when I got home. (BTW, traffic WAS light!)

USA - Technology - iRobot Headquarters
James Leynse/Corbis via Getty Images

There are tons of stories populating the internet regarding iRobot's plan to sell this information. What happens if the data lands in the hands of someone who wants to use the information for nefarious purposes, like a burgler for example? And frankly, who wants to know they layout of my home anyways and what do they get out of it? Trust me, Google, Apple and Amazon already know too much about me. I don't want to hand them more information on a plate!

iRobot claims they won't sell anyone's information without their consent, but I'm skeptical. After all, my iPhone already has my routine down pat, imagine if you married the information from the two 'smart' devices? Data mining is prevalent in today's society and I've always been cautious with regard to my family's privacy and have a deep distrust of 'big brother.' Add in the fact that no information seems secure anymore and I'm just not happy about this.

To be fair, we have four inside dogs and two cats and any help keeping their hair swept up would be a blessing, but I don't have to worry in this instance. I've owned not one, but two of these expensive boogers and neither of them have worked worth a crap. I'm glad we got rid of them before we moved into our current home. So there!

(No offense intended to those hard working, low technology vacuum cleaners that I have in my life... Sorry Hoover, Dirt Devil and Bissell... I loved and lost several of you... However, I've never been able to afford an Oreck or Dyson... So until you become more affordable, #SorryNotSorry)

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