Shortly after 5:00 p.m. today, Shreveport Police were called to a child being struck by a vehicle in the 2500 block of Emory Street.

Upon arrival officers learned that a small female child, approximately 3 years old, was struck by a 2003, Green over Silver, Dodge Pickup truck with LA tags of W168585, driven by a black male driver.  The vehicle, which was later discovered to be stolen, was last seen heading toward Virginia Avenue. 
According to witnesses, several children were playing in the 2500 block of Emery while the suspect vehicle was stopped at the beginning of the street, possibly fighting with someone.  Moments later, the suspect vehicle accelerated quickly westbound toward the children and all but the victim ran out of the way of the approaching vehicle.  As the suspect vehicle approached the child's location, it began to swerve, veering into the neutral grassy area off the roadway, as the victim simultaneously ran in that direction.  The truck hit the victim, knocking her several feet into the road, then passed over her, missing her completely.  Other than the initial impact, the child did not sustain any more injuries.
Although the complete condition of the child is unknown, at the moment she was transported by SFD to LSUHSC for treatment, she did not appear to have sustained life threatening injuries.
The investigation continues.