The family of a man who drowned in a residential pool in Shreveport has filed a lawsuit against the owners of the pool.

51-year-old Anthony Carmody was discovered at the bottom of a pool on the property of Will and Chelsea Broyles in August of 2018. Carmody was transported to the hospital, but was taken off life support days later.

The lawsuit was filed by Carmody's widow Katherine Carmody, on behalf of her children, in Caddo District Court. The documents filed paint a picture to suggest that the behavior of the Broyles led to her husband's death. Including the belief that if Carmody had not been left in the pool alone in his intoxicated state, he would never have drowned. Additionally, the lawsuit says that there is security footage from the home that shows Will Broyles did not immediately retrieve Carmody from the pool when he noticed the victim at the bottom of the pool, but that he rather went back into the home to put on a swimsuit and gather his phone before carefully entering the pool in an effort to retrieve Carmody's body. The documents say that Broyles then called 911 and the video show him attempting CPR on Carmody's body.

The Shreveport Police say they have concluded their investigation into the death, and have declined to pursue any charges against anyone involved.

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