Would you give up your favorite summer drink for $10,000?

If your summer downtime is filled with the chilly and refreshing (hic) frosé, you're not alone.  The frozen rosé wine favorite is like a adult slushie, and has quickly become the go-to filler for pool-float cup holders across the country.  But, before you fill up your favorite jug from Buc ee's with the pink concoction check this out - if you can put down your alco-icee for the summer, it could net you $10,000!

Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails is offering one lucky person a huge payday to drop the frosé.  If you are 21 or older and think you can do without the drink that Cape Line calls a "sticky, slushy, pink concoction," get to work on your application right now!  Write a 100 essay on what exactly you plan on do this summer once you declare the immediate area around you a no-frosé-zone.  Include a picture of you squeezing the maximum enjoyment out of your summer time sans-frosé, and you're set!  Hurry, you only have until the 28th to enter!

Check out the official rules here.



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