The New Orleans Saints newest acquisition, Dez Bryant, spoke with the media for the first time since inking a deal with the black and gold to finish out the season. He joins a depleted receiving core that’s lost Ted Ginn Jr, Tommy Lee Lewis, and now Cameron Meredith to injuries. The former All-Pro says he’s excited about the opportunity to work with his new squad.

So will Bryant play this Sunday against Cincinnati? Coach Sean Payton says they are taking it one day at a time. So what does that actually mean?

Already this year, we've seen NFL teams sign or trade for players and play them the same week. We even saw the Buffalo Bills sign quarterback Derek Anderson off the street, and start him within two weeks. Which is insane considering all of the things a quarterback needs to know in an NFL offense.

Which is why it doesn't seem unrealistic that Dez Bryant could play on Sunday. Because as a wide receiver, Dez only needs to know what HE is supposed to do, not 10 other a quarterback does.

With a guy like Drew Brees calling the plays, he can literally look at Dez in the huddle and say "Dez, line up in the Z, and run a stick" and Brees knows what will happen, and who will be open.

If I had to guess right now, I'd say Dez plays, and see's 20+ snaps.

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