The Dallas Cowboys did what a lot of experts said they couldn't do, they beat the Seattle Seahawks during Wild Card weekend. Which is great. The should enjoy and celebrate that win. But, now, they have the almost impossible of taking on the Los Angeles Rams in LA.

The Rams are 13-3 on the season and have one of the top offenses in the NFL. And Defensively, while not elite and kind of banged up, they are solid. And, oh by the way, they only lost one home game all year long.

But, with all that said, the Cowboys may be THE team to take down the Rams. The Boys are a team built for war. What I mean by that is the Boys have an elite defense that can slow down the Rams and have an offense that can eat time.

For the Boys to win, they have to dominate the time of possession game and limit opportunities for Todd Gurley and that potent Rams offense. I know, I know...that's a tall task but it is possible. The Bears and Eagles were able to do it earlier this year. And, as we've seen in the first week of the playoffs, defensive teams have won or at least given their teams opportunities to win.

Zeke is the top runner in the NFL, the Cowboys defense has stopped or at least slowed down everyone they've played this year...really the key to the game is going to be Dak Prescott. If Dak makes good decisions and doesn't turn the ball over, the Cowboys have a really good shot at moving on. However, one poor decision can kill the Cowboys chances.

How will it all play out? Can the Cowboys actually shock the football world? We'll see Saturday night at 7 pm.

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