About 2 years ago a "Godzilla Crossing Sign" was put up in the 900 block of Texas Avenue just west of Downtown Shreveport, but this week crews removed the sign.

Godzilla 3

The sign was a way to make downtown Shreveport feel a little more hip and cool. People liked it. Lots of folks stopped to take photos in front of it. But the sign is toast. We have asked questions about who removed the sign, but so far that is still a mystery.

Godzilla 4

Liz Swaine with the Downtown Development Authority says she has no idea who removed the sign. So who are these folks working out of these trucks? Is it a city crew?

Godzilla 5

We caught up with Mayor Ollie Tyler to find out if she's the Godzilla killer and she tells KEEL News she has no idea who removed the sign. She says that is not a city truck. She suggested it might be a utility company removing the sign since it is on a utility pole.

DOTD has also been actively removing signs and Texas Avenue is a state highway. So the state could be the culprit. We're working on the story and should have an update soon on "Who Killed Shreveport's Godzilla Sign".

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