The state of Louisiana is currently being beaten down by a winter storm system. This system has caused the National Weather Service to issue watches, warnings, and advisory's for all by a handful of parishes in the state. But is this a record setting storm?

If you're looking for records measured by how costly the storm will be, we don't know what that looks like yet. That number will have to wait until after this storm is over.

Maybe we want to rank this storm by temperature. If we do that, the numbers we've seen, and what is predicted for the storm, will fall short of record pace. So far this storm has brought temps below freezing, and could drop air temps into the teens, but that won't be low enough for records. The current record for lowest temperature in the state of Louisiana is -16, which was recorded in Minden.

Ice is one of the big threats with this current storms system. While the icy accumulations have been a problem already on roadways, it doesn't look like this ice will be record setting. There will likely be less than half an inch of ice accumulations in the state associated with this storm. This ice will pace behind the Southern Ice Storm of 1994, the Great Ice Storm of 1951, or the Christmas 2000 ice storm. All of those storms brought at least an inch of ice to the state.

Which brings us to snowfall. Louisiana isn't know for its snowfall, but as the polar ice cap continues to lose stability, winter storms are becoming increasingly common in the state. Two of the three costliest winter storms in Louisiana history have happened withing the last 4 years. With other winter weather systems bringing freezing temps, snow, and ice at least once a year since 2015.

While this storm is significant for residents, snowfall has not been a major concern for parts of Louisiana under winter weather watches, warnings, and advisories. Any snowfall associated with this storm will be minimal, and won't register on the list of Louisiana's biggest snow storms. Which you can actually see below.

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