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President Joe Biden has pushed his COVID-19 American Rescue Plan all the way through the United States House of Representatives. Now the bill sits in front of the United States Senate, waiting for their move on it.

This COVID package has a lot of attention on it from the general public, much more than a normal budget reconciliation bill in the US legislature. Mostly because this package contains $1,400 direct payments to most Americans.

Those $1,400 direct "stimulus" payments would act similarly to the previous two COVID "stimulus" payments that most Americans have received since the start of the pandemic. Just like the first two, these payments will phase out for individuals who make $75,000 a year, and married couples who make $150,000 a year.

So when could we see these payments?

So even with all of the moving parts, what we know for sure is that the bill will pass, and it will include the $1,400 payments. There are other moving parts to the bill, which will take a few days to clear up, but none of those have to do with the stimulus payments.

With the deadline set, this bill will be signed by the President no later than March 14th. The last time a stimulus check was included in a bill, it took less than a week for the first payments to hit bank accounts. Meaning that this round of stimulus could land in Louisiana bank accounts by March 18th.

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