Raise your hand if you like to swift through countless Facebook posts to see pictures of your friend's dogs. Chances are if you're a crazy animal lover you have a pet that you may or may not openly dress up. My dog Olive is used to getting dressed up. In the winter she struts around in style with her rain jacket and her sweaters.

I love going to Petsmart this time of the year because of all the cute dog costumes. Let's be real, dogs in costumes are the cutest things ever. Don't believe me see some listener photos below

Maybe your dogs like to dress up like the food they steal off the table when you're not looking.

Mercy and Kobe Courtesy of Adri Andrews

Maybe your corgi loves painting happy little trees Bob Ross style?

Sherlock Courtesy of Brooke Randolph

Or maybe you just have a pumpkin patch full of all kinds of pumpkin sizes.

Britnee Cagle

What are your dogs going to be on Halloween? Post a photo of them in the comments below.