Video of a man saving his tiny dog from the clutches of an alligator is going viral online. Check out the video where you can see the man rise from the depths of a pond with both the dog and the alligator in his grasp.

CAUTION: This video could be disturbing to some.

You can see the scene that was posted onto Twitter by @HolyCow_Inc below.

In the video, you can see the man emerge from the water with both his tiny dog and the alligator in his hands. While the alligator does not seem to be very big, it obviously has a firm grasp on the dog as the man grunts and fights to save the pup from the clutches of the gator.

This man deserves a medal for being a hero. I understand the lengths dog owners would go to protect their furry-friends, but this effort is on a whole new level.

For one, this guy obviously was around when the little dog got snagged by the alligator. I really wish there was a longer video that showed exactly what went down, but I am assuming that the situation happened very quickly.

I couldn't have been more happy when I saw that dog run away from the alligator and the pond safely. I was curious to see how the man dealt with the alligator from there, but the short video only delivered the really important information - and that was the dog is OK.

Keep an eye on your animals, people. You never know where danger could be lurking!

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