Erin McCarty, Matt Parker and I fell into (another) interesting discussion - okay, debate - during Tuesday morning's show: What was you favorite movie "from before you were an adult."

For Erin, it was the Steven Spielberg's unforgettable, "ET." "It was emotional on so many levels," said McCarty. "I just stopped crying two years ago."

For morning show producer Parker, the choice was "The Wizard of Oz." "I haven't watched it since I was eight," he says. "But I know that at the time, I'd never seen anything like it ever before. How many movies are in color...and black and white." Matt adds that coming in a close second to the Judy Garland classic is John Wayne's "Hondo."

And for me? No doubt about it, "Goldfinger." The third in the series of Bond films - starring Sean Connery - was everything a seventh grader could want in a movie. It was exciting, cool, sexy and, probably best of all, my mother didn't want me to see it. You see, she'd heard "that name," the forbidden name of the villainous Goldfinger's henchwoman, and that sort of language just didn't fit into my middle school morality.

Well, luckily for me, my father came down on my side, winning the day with the argument, "he's too young to know what that means." And, since in my mother's eyes, I was 12 going on 5, off to the theater I went.

I'll wrap it up this way - just like I did on the radio: If I could enjoy movies today as half as much as I enjoyed that one back in fall of '64, I'd spend a lot more time at the movies.

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