Louisiana is famous for a lot of things, but there are a few that stand out...culture and food. In fact, when you think about food here in Louisiana, there a A LOT of restaurants that come to mind. But did you know that some of these restaurants are family-owned and have been for many years?!

Our friends at Only In Your State have compiled a list of favorite, legendary, family-owned restaurants and two of Shreveport's finest made the list.

  • Fertitta's - located at 1124 Fairfield Avenue in Shreveport, has been around since 1927, when the business originally opened as a grocery store. In 1949, the next generation took over and continued running it as a grocery store until 1960 when they decided to start making sandwiches. Today, the business is strong as ever, bringing patrons back especially for their trademark "Muffy" sandwich.
  • Herby-K's - located at 1833 Pierre Avenue in Shreveport, was established back in 1936 and the owner had no idea that it would become a Shreveport staple. In 1945 he introduced the infamous Shrimp Buster (and the secret Shrimp Buster sauce) to the menu and people are still enjoying it over 70 years later!

For other legendary restaurants on this list, click HERE.

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