A parent in Central Louisiana had her children turned away from their school when they showed up without masks. Megan Aucoin, the parent of the children sent her kids to Central Elementary School without their masks says that her 3rd grader was refused entrance to the school after refusing to mask-up.

“We’re out. We’re out of the school system,” parent Megan Aucoin said to WAFB News. “We’re homeschoolers.”

Aucoin withdrew her children from the school and began the process of starting homeschooling after the incident. Aucoin also explained that she put in mask exemption forms, but the school supposedly refused them.

There were fewer than 10 students across the Central Community School District that weren’t allowed inside of school because they wouldn’t wear a mask. The district will enforce Gov. John Bel Edwards’ mandate and will continue to expect everyone to comply.

Aucoin said she has no regrets and would do the same again if she had to.

Louisiana has broken records for patients hospitalized with COVID-19 almost every day since Aug. 3.

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