As an XBOX fan, this completely troubles me.

Yes, in my house right now, there are three XBOX's and I'm faithful to the brand, but I am clearly in the minority.

Yes, once upon a time, I was a Playstation fan, like most of us. It feels like everyone I knew and grew up with in Shreveport had a Playstation. However, when the XBOX 360 dropped, I would have thought everyone else made the switch with me... But apparently, I was wrong.

It turns out, at least in our great state, Louisiana still prefers the Playstation.

Louisiana has the highest percentage of PlayStation fans in the country, per a survey by PC Mag that asked gamers to name their top console. The poll nabbed 2,000 responses, and let people chose from Xbox, Nintendo, PC, PlayStation, or none. Associate features editor Rob Marvin gives the breakdown on how to Bayou State prefers to game…

“PlayStation at 38 percent, Xbox 27 percent, PC gaming 11 percent, and Nintendo 8 percent, and the chunk that is left are those that just don’t game.”

So, what team are you one?

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