Residents in many U.S. cities have potty mouths, but a few Texas cities land on the Preply list of the worst swearers in the country.

Believe it or not, but we swear on average, 21 times a day.


Millennials and Gen Z folks swear more than baby boomers who only use 10 curse words a day.

I’m surprise by the gender report in this study. Women swear almost as much as men, hurling at least 18 swear words a day compared to 22 for the guys.

This report says 55% of us admit to swearing at home and only 7% say they curse while driving. I really think that number is low. But maybe I’m speaking for myself.

What Causes Us To Swear?

Most admit they typically spew curse words at themselves (54%) while 23% of us curse at friends and 7% spew some dirty words at our significant others.  We will typically curse if we are frustrated or in pain.


On the list of the biggest potty mouthed cities, Dallas is #4 with 25 swear words a day. Fort Worth lands at #5 on the list. Residents swear an average of 24 times a day. Austin also makes the list at #7 with 21 swear words a day.

The #1 potty mouth city is Columbus, Ohio where residents curse at least 36 times a day.

Las Vegas, Nevada residents are a close second. They swear an average of 30 times per day. The 3rd place city is Jacksonville, Florida, where folks swear an average of 28 times a day.


El Paso, Houston and San Antonio are on the list of cities swearing the least. Residents of these cities swear fewer than 20 times a day.

What Are Favorite Swear Word Substitutes?

  1. Fudge/fudgesicle
  2. Shoot
  3. Frick/frickin’
  4. Crap
  5. Dang
  6. Heck
  7. Darn/darn it
  8. Holy cow
  9. Dang/dang it
  10. Freaking

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