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With the election season now getting into full swing, campaign signs for all the candidates will be popping up all over the area. But did you know there are rules for those posters, and there are quite a few more than you might think!

John Settle at settletalk.com reviews:

"It's that time....political signs are sprouting up like weeds.

Problem is weeds can grow anywhere. Yard signs are not supposed to be everywhere.

If candidates want to be elected, they should follow the rules on signs. Certainly they will be expected to follow rules while in office.

Shreveport ordinances address the "dos" and the "don’ts".

The primary sign violations are:

a. signs in street right of ways—the area between the sidewalk and the street

b. signs in drainage right of ways–the area on both sides of drainage ditches

c. signs on vacant property WITHOUT written permission of owner

d. signs on utility poles.

Granted candidates can not control zealous supporters who want to plant signs everywhere. But it does reflect negatively on a candidate whose signs are in illegal areas. So candidates should police their campaign workers."

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