Our Town Square Media Polyester Party is tomorrow! This will be my first time attending, and even though I won't get to stay the whole night -- I'm still looking forward to being there to see all the great costumes.  I saw the ones from last year, and they were SO FUN!  This time around, I hear we're doing a 70's/80's party...so be ready for me to be decked out in my best new wave-style 80's attire!  I won't give away the details, but if you knew me back in my karaoke days...you might have seen me in this outfit before (and I've been saving it for just such an occasion!)

You can still be part of the fun!  Cost is $20, doors open at 7 tomorrow night at Sam's Town, and the party includes an amazing performance by The Molly Ringwalds!  Oddly enough, the first time I was able to check them out, I was visiting the in-laws in Fort Worth for an early Christmas celebration -- and found out they were playing a show at The Glass Cactus in Grapevine.  So that was my first "Mollys Experience."  I won't be there for their performance tomorrow (other obligations, you understand)...but I do hope to catch a glimpse of them -- and maybe get a little chatting in -- early in the evening.  I'd like to thank them for signing the poster I bought at their Texas show. ; )