There are lots of abnormal things you can possibly see at a hospital. Everything from a woman going into labor to extremely insane accident victims showing up in the Emergency Room.

However, one of the things you would never expect to see is wildlife. Specifically, a deer, running through the front door of a Louisiana hospital and then all the way up the escalator.

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Well, yesterday, Monday, November 15, visitors and staff at Our Lady of the Lake hospital in Baton Rouge, got to see what very few have ever witnessed before.

The deer, a doe, was captured on the hospital's security camera and footage was published on the Our Lady of the Lake Facebook page, showing the deer as it ran through the front door and immediately up the escalator.

What struck me was just how casually everyone appeared to be as the deer made it's journey. Only one lady, who first appeared uninterested in the deer's unwelcome presence, even backed away from the intruder.  In fact, a nurse on the second floor of the hospital looked at the deer as though it's something she sees every day.

The deer was subsequently captured after Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agents quickly arrived on scene and removed it.

We learned that the deer, who is believed to have been struck by a vehicle prior to running in the hospital, had to euthanized after its capture, due to the injuries it had inflicted.

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