Ida made landfall Sunday as a Category 4 Hurricane. This is one of the strongest storms to ever hit the Bayou State. Of course, all of Louisiana was watching and praying the levees actually hold up.

It wasn't long before one levee failed in Plaquemine Parish which led to widespread flooding and the evacuations turned into an emergency.

As of now, more than 1 million Louisiana residents are without power. Hurricane Ida has shown no mercy as she showed up with devastating winds. All of Orleans Parish including the city of New Orleans are without power, and we expect the number to increase. We are seeing evacuees from south Louisiana all over Shreveport-Bossier seeking shelter.

Although we are seeing so much destruction in south Louisiana there is one thing that Louisiana won't let Hurricane Ida touch, and that is the undeniable humor from the Bayou state.

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the most hilarious TikTok videos to come out of Louisiana, proving we may be going through one of the worst storms of our lifetime, however, our humor is second to none.

No one is safe from a Louisiana troll, not even the weatherman. Although he takes his job seriously, this Louisianan clearly thought his cartwheel skills deserved some primetime TV time.

@kevinlorenzo86Dude viduring live feed on the weather channel hurricy I caught the footage ##foryoupage ##hurricaneida ##weatherchannel ##idayellowshirtguy♬ Friday The 13th Main Theme (feat. Jason Voorhees) [From Friday The 13th] - Steve Jablonsky

What happens when you have to evacuate but you have a whole lot of booze to take with you? What will the troopers say when they pull you over?


Day 4 of quarantine and now a hurricane… ##hurricaneida ##louisiana ##cleanup ##hurricane ##bourbon
♬ Louisiana - Choppa Style

What do Louisianans really do before a storm? they mow the lawn, of course, oh and you can't forget, sneak a shower in. This is hilarious because it's true.

@heartwarminglyheatherWeekend plans here in Thibodaux, La. #hurricaneida #repost #fypシ #louisianacheck #louisiana♬ Wuki _ Crunk In Time - wüki

Some were honest about not knowing whether to evacuate or follow along with what all of their friends and family were doing. Personally, this would be me.


calling all our friend and family to get a tally 😂 #hurricaneida #louisiana #hurricaneparty
♬ original sound - tan

Telling that generator it better pull through now. It's your time to shine buddy!

@jakefromthetvaShe is about to earn her paycheck #hurricaneida #louisiana #fyp♬ Supermodel - Ru Paul

What about the dad that goes to the store and gets the most useless snacks? What is a family to do with perishable snacks? Dad clearly didn't read the Hurricane Handbook.

#hurricaneida #ida #hurricane #louisiana #bestvideo2020 #healthy #healthyfood #hurrication you know what time of the year it is??? Time for this vid
♬ Hurricane snacks - Mom Latina genx funny comedy

Sorry, Jim Cantore, the helmet was a nice touch but that cartwheel in the back really outshined you here.

@paguila20#hurricaneida #ida #hurricane #louisiana #bestvideo2020 #healthy #healthyfood #hurrication you know what time of the year it is??? Time for this vid♬ Hurricane snacks - Mom Latina genx funny comedy

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