Geek'd Con, Shreveport's comic con, has become one of the biggest pop culture events in the region over the last five years. With guests like Michael Rooker, LeVar Burton, Lou Ferrigno, Elvira, Peter Mayhew, Chris Sarandon, and more.

Next year's Geek'd Con is set for August 21-23 at the Shreveport Convention Center.

Even though Geek'd Con was only around for half of the 2010s, it was a packed 5 years. Over those 5 years, Geek'd Con hosted more than 75 celebrities, including movie & tv stars, comic book artists, voice actors, cartoon illustrators, Special FX artists, Youtube stars, and more.

So as we close out the decade that gave birth to Geek'd Con, we want to celebrate the excitement around the event by naming the "Guest of the Decade".

But why should WE name that guest? That's not up to us. The guest lineup has always been about you, the fans. So naming that guest should be up to you.

Which Geek'd Con guest did you enjoy the most? Was it a panel, interaction, joke, autograph, photo op...who did you enjoy the most?

Cast your votes below for YOUR favorite Geek'd Con guest, and on New Year's Eve, we'll reveal the "Guest of the Decade".

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