Do you remember the first time you were made aware of a quarterback by the name of Joe Burrow? For a lot of us in Louisiana, we first learned of Joe Burrow as an Ohio State transfer to LSU. If I recall, then Coach Ed Orgeron had told reporters that he was holding on to one scholarship for a quarterback, and that quarterback was Joe.

We are all familiar with what Joe Burrow did at LSU. He put the Tigers on his back and with a very talented supporting cast had the best season, I would say, in LSU Football history. The team was undefeated and won the College Football Playoff national championship. 

Burrow went on to win the Heisman Trophy and be the number one pick in the NFL Draft. He was taken by the Cincinnati Bengals and that franchise has been transformed. In fact, the Bengals will play for a chance to go to the Super Bowl this Sunday with Burrow under center calling the signals.

Joe Burrow at Heisman Trophy Presentation
Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

Hopefully, his headset won't go out and he won't have to call his own plays as he did in last week's win over Tennessee. But as Joe will tell you, the plays worked so, no harm no foul.

As Burrow and the Bengals have progressed through the season and the playoffs we are finding out a lot more about Joey Burrow, the kid he was before he became the man we now know.

For example, how long has Joe Burrow been killing it as a quarterback? Well based on this footage that was provided to WLWT TV in Cincinnati by a former youth football coach, you can see, he was pretty good even back then.

Yeah, when a kid at the youth level appears to be head and shoulders above his peers you can usually count on some pretty amazing things at the high school, college, and professional level.

Speaking of High School, y'all saw these snaps of Joe "back in the day"?

That's Burrow being voted "Most Athletic" and "Most Likely to Become Famous". I guess even the kids at school knew there was something special about this young man.

Heck, even the nationally syndicated Dan Patrick Radio Show spent part of the day yesterday trying to come up with a nickname for Burrow. Host Dan Patrick didn't like the Joe Cool moniker that a lot of folks were using, he felt a player like Burrow needed a better and even more special nickname.

What nickname would you give Burrow?

I know the folks in Cincy and quite a few others around here wouldn't mind calling him Super Bowl champion but that's a tough task for anyone to take on, but if anyone can, I bet Joe Burrow would be up to the challenge. Let's just hope the referees are wearing tight pants so there won't be any way they can sneak their heads up their butts during the game. Just ask a Saints fan about that, we know.

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