My Dad was my hero. He was the best Dad in the world. He was always there when I needed him. I have 5 brothers and no one could have been a better example for my brothers than Dad. But none of us knows much about the time he spent in the Marines during WWII. He was stationed in the Pacific and saw so many great battles, but he didn't talk about it much.

My nephew recently found this picture of Dad from his 1944 High School yearbook.

High School photo

In this picture, Dad is only 17 and just a few months after this picture was taken, he was off to the Marines. He did a quick stint in Basic Training in California and then was off to the Pacific Region. My Father earned the Bronze Star for his efforts during fighting in Okinawa. I really don't know how many men he saved, but he was honored for running into enemy fire to bring out wounded soldiers. I am so proud of him and only wish I could have one more conversation with him.