Do we rent machines out?

Yes. Customers can visit our store and rent a variety of machines. We can even have our experts tell you how to pick up and get rid of those nasty spots for good! Auto scrubbers, low speeds, high speeds, and even wet dry vac. We got them and we’ll do our best to meet your cleaning needs. Learn more about our equipment and rates here.

Do we repair machines?

Our certified trained technicians can take a look at a machine that’s not working well and diagnosis it. You can drop it off or we can pick it up. We can also find out if it’s under warranty.

What makes your supply company different?

We have a showroom – we’re not just a catalog. We offer the experience. Come see an example of what your facility could look and smell like. Our showroom offers items that you can take off the shelf and pick up, smell, and even try. We have equipment that you can demo right there in our store.

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