Look, most women would shutter at the idea of a marriage proposal at a sports venue. But after all of the videos we've seen through the years, you hope they're softening to the idea. Hopefully this one will add to that potential trend.

US Navy Veterans Jacob Miller and Harley Mitchell were set up to play, what appeared to be, a general scoreboard "Dating Game". Little did Harley know, the third question she received was one she wasn't going to be ready for. You can see three specific reactions that tell us she had no idea what was coming. Here they are:

1. The confusion when the question is asked. She doesn't even look at him, she looks at the woman with the mic. Like she got the question wrong.

Sports News Everyday via Youtube.com

2. The shock on her face when her brain processes the words on Jacob's board.

Sports News Everyday via Youtube.com

3. The happiness leading to tears once it sinks in.

Sports News Everyday via Youtube.com

If she knew what was coming, there wouldn't have been the initial confusion. She would have looked right and him, knowing what he's done. If it sunk in between the question and board flip, she'd have known what he board answer was going to be, but she didn't. So she flipped when it registered.

Jacob sir, you are an incredible man.