Fox News has broken a story that James Holmes, the alleged shooter who gunned down people inside an Aurora, Colorado movie theater last week, sent a notebook to a psychiatrist spelling out his hideous plan.


Holmes killed 12 people and injured 58 others after spraying a movie theater in Colorado with bullets during a premiere showing of the new Batman movie, "The Dark Night Rises." He used tear gas like a scene from a Hollywood movie. He also booby-trapped his apartment to blow people sky-high.

It was one of the worst massacres in history and happened in Aurora, a suburb of Denver, known for the Columbine High School killings.

Fox News says Holmes allegedly sent a notebook through the mail to a psychiatrist in Colorado and that he wrote details about his plans to kill people. The mail reportedly was sent to a shrink at the University of Colorado before the tragic killings took place. Adding more sadness and grief to an already nightmarish spree of violence, the package stayed in a mail room unopened for at least seven days before anyone found it.

Fox News cites the unnamed source of the mail story as someone who works in law enforcement.

Authorities reportedly went to the University of Colorado on Monday looking for the doctor, who was also a professor.

As it turns out the parcel was not from Holmes, but while investigators searched the campus mail room they did find a different piece of mail from Holmes and addressed to the psychiatrist.

Holmes reportedly was a drop-out from the school's doctoral program and was studying mental health issues. A gag order has been issued so information about what was in the notebook can't be released.

When I first heard about this terrible tragedy, and that it happened at the opening of the new Batman movie and then I saw a picture of Holmes with his comic book character colored hair, I immediately thought of Heath Ledger's Joker character from the prequel, "The Dark Night."

I saw that movie several times because of Ledger's realistic performance, which would win him an Academy Award after his death. If you didn't see the movie, Ledger portrayed "Joker" -- a maniacal killer who fired a rifle into the air and then shot up a bank, killing everyone in sight.

The most dramatic scene was when he blew up a hospital. It was disturbing because Ledger's performance was so believable.  Ledger received an Academy Award for Best Actor for the role after his death.

Are the bullets, murder and mayhem real now? Immediately upon his arrest, Holmes reportedly said, "I'm the Joker."



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