The first incident was reported around 6:45 a.m. on Williams Road near Sparks Davis and Roberts roads in Keithville. The driver of bus #149 said she was parked on Williams Road waiting to start her route when a red Jeep with dark gray trim around the bottom pulled up next to her. The driver of the SUV rolled down his window and produced what appeared to be a rifle. The bus driver said she ducked down, and the suspect fired, striking the driver’s side window of the bus.  He then sped away.

A short while later, about ¼-mile down the road, the driver of bus #26 said she found two pellet holes in the front windshield of her bus. The driver said she was inside waiting for the bus to warm up and did not see the suspect.  When she came outside, she discovered the damage. 

There were no children on either bus when the incidents occurred.

            Anyone with information about the bus or the suspect is urged to contact Deputy Kenny Hester at 681-0755, the Caddo Sheriff’s Office at 675-2170, or Crime Stoppers at 673-7373.