A couple of weeks ago, I showed you a fun little video of Shreveport native and standout NFL Cornerback Tre'Davious White enjoying and embracing the community of Buffalo. In fact, he's even embraced his adopted city's hockey team, the Buffalo Sabres. But, while the first video seemed to show White joking around and really enjoying the game of hockey, it now seems that Tre is taking his new found passion to a a whole other level.

In the first video, Tre made an off-handed joke that he was the greatest goalie to ever come out of Louisiana. Which is not completely inaccurate...I mean this place isn't exactly a hot bed of hockey talent and Tre has never actually lost a game. Anyway, that joke has taken a life of its own. So much so, that the Bills and the Sabres actually produced a commercial for the 'Tre White Goalie Academy of Louisiana (in Buffalo)'.

Is this not the greatest thing ever? Not only is Tre having an OUTSTANDING season and probably going to his first Pro Bowl, the kid is giving Buffalo fans some hope and something to cheer for. Buffalo fans love Tre and his goalie school so much, that the Bills have released a line of merchandise!

I always like to see Shreveport natives do will and show the world that folks from here are awesome. But Tre is on a whole other level...and I'm loving EVERY SINGLE SECOND of it.

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