The Bossier Chamber of Commerce held their 2013 Patriot Awards at the Bossier Civic Center today to honor local emergency personnel and members of the military for their hard and quality work that keeps our community safe.

LSU Athletic Training Program Director and associate professor Dr. Ray Castle spoke about the experience of being in the middle of the Boston Marathon bombing. He was in Boston by the finish line working as an athletic trainer. He spoke of the struggle of getting to and tending to the injured spectators and participants of the event.

"Life is 10% of what happens and 90% of what you do afterwards," Dr. Castle told 710 KEEL, citing a tweet he saw recently from Joel Osteen.  "The 90% is really what's important.  We've seen that with all the tragedies we've had in the country, you move forward."

He noted that it is about what we do with tragedies is what makes us a great society.

"We have problems, but we are also solving those problems," explained Dr. Castle.  "We're problem-solvers not problem creators."

And that is what the Patriot Awards are all about, acknowledging those who best solve the problems that ail everyday citizens every day.

Dr. Castle also noted the memorial aspect of the awards.

"It helps us remember, but also really looking forward, everyday is a great day and we are getting better as a country and the awards represent that."

2013 Patriot Award Winners

  • TSgt Keyne J. Mosley - 307th Maintenance Squadron
  • Major Jason Dymond - 96 Bomb Squadron
  • Fred McAnn - Bossier Parish 911 Communications
  • Matthew C. Bragg - Bossier City Police Department
  • Bruce Bletz - Bossier Sheriff's Office
  • Melvin Singleton - Bossier City Fire Department


2013 Patriot Award Winners
Dennis Foley



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