Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are still growing, but they are not the "in thing" anymore with the younger crowd. So what social media sites are the kids using?

Tech Guru Kim Komando put together a list of the social media sites that are attracting teens and college students these days. I've heard of some of them, but some I have no clue what they are. Komando says some of these sites can be dangerous and parents need to know about them.

1. Snapchat
It sounds innocent enough, but many people call Snapchat, the "sexting app." It lets you take photos or record video and share them with friends. The gimmick is that images "self-destruct" seconds after they've been viewed. But beware, the recipient can save the messages or take a screenshot.

2. Kik
It's one of those apps that's rated 17+, but it's become popular with teens. The users are only known by their Kik usernames, it's supposed to offer a private way to chat. Many youngsters use this app to sext with friends.

3. Tumblr
I've heard of Tumblr, but never really checked it out. It's a blogging site that lets you share text, photo, video, and audio posts. It's considered a cool hangout. But who knows how long that will last. Warning though, Tumblr blogs are public by default, so anyone can read your kids’ blog posts.

4. Creepy
I've never heard of this one, but as you can imagine, the name says it all. You can use this app to get pinpoint exactly where each picture was taken. A creep could easily find out where your child lives, or hangs out from their shared photos.

5. Pheed
Another one I didn't know about. This one also sounds vulgar. It's touted as a creative hangout where you can express yourself with text, photos and video. It has live-streaming which raises serious privacy concerns. Who knows what kind of creeps are watching.

6. Vine
I actually have Vine on my phone. It's fun and you can see lots of silly videos.
It lets you create short, six-second video clips and then share them on social networking sites. You will find lots of adult content on Vine.

7. Ask.Fm
Teens are flocking to this social media site. It's the top site for young people in Europe and is gaining ground in the U.S. It's an anonymous and unmoderated site with no privacy controls.

8. Oovoo
This is another one we've never heard of. It's a free video chat service that works a lot like Skype and Facetime. It blocks kids 13 and under from registering, but it's easy for kids to lie about their age and set up an account. Big concern about this the dangers of kids connecting with people they don't know.

9. Path
I've heard about Path and even have some friends that like it. It's a newer social network that lets you share text, photos and video with up to 150 friends. It's much like Facebook, but you share moments with your friends. Path does have a location-tracking feature, so make sure it's turned off if your kids are on the site.

10. WhatsApp
This is another messenger app the kids are buzzing about. The WhatsApp lets you send unlimited texts, videos, photos and short audio messages. Your teens can chat up friends without running up their phone bill.