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The Louisiana State Softball Championship tournament began yesterday and in just a couple weeks they'll hold the State Baseball Tournament. Good luck to all our local teams competing in either of them.

Just one word of caution to those attending. You will most likely have a parent that could attempt to make this time less than enjoyable so be on the lookout. I've always believed that some parents should just be banned from these events for everyone else's enjoyment.

As the father of three sons, I've spent a considerable amount of my life on the sidelines of baseball fields, football fields and basketball courts. And I wouldn't trade anything for the incredible memories my kids gave me.

The boys were all blessed with incredible coaches, both men and women, people who truly loved the kids and loved the game they were coaching. However great this time might have been, there were always a few moments that I would have loved to have done without.

Without fail, those moments were centered around parents. Some were the parents of my kids' team mates and others were the parents of our opposition. But it was obvious each time one of these ugly parent moments arose, that I wasn't alone in my discomfort.

So I've listed for you the Top 5 Types of Parents We Hate at Kids' Ball Games in hopes that you won't become one of these and create the embarrassment for your kids that I've seen other young athletes suffer.

Top 5 Types of Parents We Hate at Kids' Ball Games

These are the five types of parents and their behaviors that other parents and the kids just hate having at sporting events

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