There has been a lot of news about businesses struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since Mid-March, most of our economy has been sluggish, at best. Especially on "main street". A lot of the federal assistance has kept Wall Street in a decent place, but the economic shutdowns around the country have left swaths of devastation in city after city.

But there's one industry that has seemed to not just stand tall during the pandemic, but even do a little bit better. That industry, is fast food.

The fast food industry was able to quickly adapt in most cases. With more drive thru availability across the country than most mom-and-pop shops, they were able to keep things socially distanced faster than most, even when their dining rooms were closed.

A lot of the fast food giants jumped into mobile delivery app service quickly as well. Partnering with third-party delivery platforms, and creating and/or perfecting their own apps. Fast food was pretty, in adapting.

That trend is the same across the country, even in Louisiana. The team at The Top Agency recently put together a listing of the Top 5 Fast Food restaurants during the pandemic for each state. Here's who made the Top 5 in Louisiana:

The Top 5 Fast Food Joints In Louisiana During The Pandemic

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