I can honestly say I am glad this incredible operation was not in business in our region about 10 years ago. I would have spent a fortune at this place with my soccer-obsessed son.

He would have begged me to let him hang out at this place for hours on our trips to Dallas. This place would have been #1 of his “must see” list. It would rank ahead of Hurricane Harbor, 6 Flags, the 6th Floor Museum and anything else Dallas has to offer. He will still want to make a trip or two to the metroplex to check out this operation.

What Is TOCA Social?

The best way to describe this place is to combine Top Golf with soccer. It’s called TOCA Football. What is that? The owners says TOCA is a “soccer-focused and technology-enabled experience company. From skills training and soccer leagues to tech driven games and family focused programs.”

The first facility was opened in London last year and now these massive sports complexes are coming to the U.S.

D Magazine reports this venue will be part of a $250 million facelift to the Dallas Design District.

If you have ever tried a Top Golf experience. Think of this as Top Golf, but for soccer. Dallas' location will feature 34 soccer boxes. 7 will be on the second level and the others will be on the lower level. Each box will be able to have up to 12 players and the Dallas facility will have twice as many boxes as the London operation.

But this destination is about much more than soccer. It will have an incredible dining operation including a  Michelin-trained chef and specialty cocktails.

How Soon Will TOCA Social Be Open?

Ewing Properties is currently in the process of redesigning a 36,000-square-foot building on Riverfront Blvd. into a 57,000-square-foot complex to house this new high tech complex that will feature 3 levels of food, drinks entertainment and gaming.

TOCA Social in Dallas is expected to open in 2023.

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