Louisiana is not exactly known for its tall buildings. I mean, we don't have huge skyscrapers as you'll find in cities such as New York City and the like.

We're known for the swamps and more of a rural way of life.

But of course, we've got cities that are thriving with lots of concrete jungle and big buildings. That said, I was a bit curious as to how tall some of those buildings actually are.

I did some digging and was not surprised at where most of those buildings are located. I was a little shocked to put in perspective that the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, for example, is less than half as tall as our state's tallest building.

Keep in mind that for this list, buildings are not measured by the number of floors, but rather by the highest structural point on the building.

With that, let's check out the 10 tallest buildings in the Bayou State.

10 Tallest Buildings in Louisiana

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