One of my favorite days of the year, hands down, is Halloween. I love scary movies. I love the music. I love the costumes. I love everything about it! There's just something about the Halloween atmosphere that's just awesome. But, I think we've finally taken it a step too far.

For years now, people have been dressing up their cats and dogs in costumes. Which is a little weird, but I get it. For many of us, our pets are just part of the family. It would be wrong to exclude them, right? That, I can at least understand. But, some folks just couldn't leave it there. They had to push the envelope. Now, we live in a world where guinea pig costumes are a thing.

Yes, you read that right...Halloween costumes for guinea pigs! Pet Smart apparently has an entire line of costumes for the small, furry rodents. AN ENTIRE LINE!

They have shark costumes, mermaid costumes, pineapple costumes...literally, a little bit of everything. I love Halloween. I love people who get into the Halloween spirit. But this is just ridiculous.

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