Since 1962, The Shreveport Times has housed itself in its sprawling headquarters at the corner of Lake and Market Streets. Those offices are shutting the doors today and are being moved to the 15th floor of The American Tower.

The Times first announced the move in September, and they were expecting to have the transition complete by March. It seems they are ahead of schedule, and all operations will now be at 401 Market Street effective immediately.

Due to a declining popularity of print media, The Times is shifting its focus to a more digital presence. The updated offices at The American Tower will help to streamline operations with their parent company and help keep pace with the ever changing digital needs for the local community. About 70 employees will move into the new offices, but the printing press and a handful of workers will stay at the Lake Street site to print the daily issues of the actual newspapers.

The Shreveport Times was founded in 1871.

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