I know that I am still relatively new to the Shreveport/Bossier City area, but you think I would have noticed a 2nd hockey team.  That's the kind thing that should stick out here.  This very morning I learned of the existence of the Armed Services Hockey Association (ASHA).  That's right, when they aren't defending the United States from threats on land, air, and sea - they're defending their pride on the ice!  Our very own cold warriors are none other than the Barksdale Bombers!  Obviously they take their name from the massive B-52 Stratofortresses that own the sky over the Shreveport / Bossier City area - and they're really good.

According to Barksdale.af.mil, the Bombers recently came in 2nd in their division in a 41 team tournament held in Las Vegas.  Barksdale's best fell victim to one of our NATO partners from across the pond, the Royal Air Force Aces.

The Bombers would love to see your support at one of their games, which are free to watch.  They play Wednesdays and Sundays at Shreveport's Hirsch Memorial Coliseum, and the next tournament isn't that far away.  It will be held in Lafayette, Louisiana next year.

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