Someone had some time on their hands and made a list of the favorite Christmas movie in every state with information from Rotten Tomatoes and Google searches and wow this is really kind of ...strange. 

The number one favorite Christmas movie in the most states (7) was "Gremlins". And yes, that does include Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Our neighbor Lousiana came up with "Batman Returns". Am I missing something? Hey, don't get me wrong, these are great movies but they don't really get me that all Christmasy feeling inside.

The other top contenders were

"Home Alone"  ranked number 1 in Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, Ohio, and Illinois.

Die Hard and Trading Places were both number 1 in 4 states each. What is your favorite Christmas movie to watch? Check out the entire list of Favorite Christmas Movies in each state on the streaming observer website and see which state you might identify with more than any of the others.  Looks like I relate more to Maryland (Miracle On 34 Street) and Massachusetts (Love Actually). Actually, that's really strange and a little creepy too.

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