I saw the cutest photo of my niece Emi Lou and the shirt she was wearing made me laugh, up until I came to the sad realization that she will probably never watch the movie that inspired that shirt. "Merry Christmas you filthy animal." I hope when she is old enough she loves "Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2" just like we all did growing up.

We have so many movies that we consider Christmas classics, the sad part, my nephews and nieces and my future children will never truly appreciate the movies that so many of us treasure. Recently I saw someone on Facebook share that they are now going to pick one classic a week to watch with their kids, no phones, no distractions and it's their family bonding time.

My first thought was, "How can they agree on a movie besides 'Elf'?". I loved "Home Alone" and "Santa Clause" with Tim Allen. It saddens me to think that some of the movies that we love to watch around Christmas time won't be appreciated by our little family members. What do we do? We force them to watch one of our all-time favorite Christmas movies.

So far these are the movies we have heard that you love and your kids don't appreciate:

"Jingle All The Way"

"A Muppet Christmas Carol"

"Die Hard" (Guys, this is NOT a Christmas movie, but every other person I've talked to keeps saying it is. So it made the list.)

"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"

"A Christmas Story"

"Home Alone"

"I'll Be Home for Christmas"

"Santa Clause"

Did we miss any? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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