The small town of Minden is home to a very important place for art culture and pure joy. For 25 years, The Farm, also known as The Moess Center for the Arts and City Farm has operated as an artist's haven for all ages. The 4 acres of land, located at 416 East Union in Minden was donated to Cultural Crossroads of Minden in 1999 by Zenobia West. Her hope was that the space would be used for future generations to "learn, grow, create, and love".

There are many things available at The Farm. Several buildings in which meetings, classes, and events can be held. Events unique to The Farm are always a great time for local artists and their families, such as Unite All People Through The Arts which is inviting community members to help create an art installation to display on The Farm's property. The event takes place on June 27th, and will be the first event The Farm has held since the Stay-At-Home orders were implemented.

The Farm is also home to beautiful vegetable, fruit, and nut gardens that the community is encouraged to volunteer and benefit from. The Farm also has a giant outdoor movie-screen for viewing some of your favorite films, or even a homemade film for your private parties.

The Farm is a beautiful place that has touched the hearts and filled the artistic potential of people in Minden for 25 years. Now that they're opening back up, check their Facebook page for upcoming events to enjoy with your family, and get more information about their $30 a year membership and all the amazing benefits that come with it.



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