Before we really get into this, these woman committed horrible crimes. Our thoughts are with the families who had to experience the tragic events they're responsible for.

But that begs the question: why are we interested in these people? The stories that we're about to talk about have been written about before. There are TV shows and movies created around these stories. Many people are interested in learning more about these killers. But why?

Honestly, I'm not qualified to address that in a way that anyone should be concerned about. However I will say, I think it has something to do with most of society being in a place mentally that we can't understand why someone would kill someone else in the way these killers are convicted of. So we try to figure out what makes them "tick"...what puts a person in a mindset where they can take another life? I believe that's why people are fascinated by killers.

Killers in society is a very small number compared to the vast majority of people who would ever be put in a position where they could commit murder. But there's even a smaller number inside that small percentage of society. Female killers.

Less than 12% of the murder convictions in the United States in 2020 came against females. So a small percent of a small percent.

In the State of Louisiana, there have been a handful of well known killers. Whether that's serial killers or just well known stories surrounding killings, the state has a long history with murder. In the state's killer history, there have only been a handful of well known female killers. Some that have had their stories told in pop culture through movies and television, and others who's stories gained national attention for other reasons.

Here's a look at the female killers in Louisiana who became infamous for their crimes:

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