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Why are we interested in serial killers? People have such a fascination, some even obsession, when it comes to those who take the lives of others...which is a little odd.

But maybe not when you consider that we like to know what other people are thinking. Reaction videos are popular online, focus groups are huge in marketing, and we get bombarded with surveys daily. Knowing what's going on in the minds of others is big to mankind.

So maybe when it comes to serial killers, people just want to understand "why". Why would someone commit these heinous acts? What makes these people "tick"?

Whatever the reason, people are interested in serial killers.

In Texas, there are a lot of stories to look into if you have an interest in serial killers. There are far too many serial killers that are originally from Texas, or are accused of crimes in the state, to list here. So we're going to look at the most notorious serial killer stories in the history of Texas.

Credit - Viking Adult Publishing
Credit - Viking Adult Publishing

Some of these stories involve single convictions, some involve false confessions. There are stories where the suspects have never been caught, and stories where the accused killers died before facing trail.

The state of Texas actually doesn't rank highly in the United States for the amount of serial killers to come from the state. In fact, research says that Texas has about three serial killer victims for every 100,000 people. Compared to almost five per 100k in Oklahoma, and over six per 100k in Louisiana.

But what the state lacks in numbers compared to other states, it makes up for with the disturbing details of these crimes.

Here are some of the scariest real-life stories Texas has to offer...

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