One of America's biggest and most morbid obsessions is with True Crime and specifically serial killers. Doesn't matter if you hit the movie theater, pop on Netflix, turn on Fox News or go to the book store, there's ALWAYS some kind of new content about serial killers. Sometimes its a documentary. Sometimes it's a TV show. Sometimes it's a retrospective. But there's always some kind of content because people are compelled by the stories. They're like real life horror movies.

The most fascinating part of our obsession with Serial Killers: while they arguably get more media attention than any other kind of homicide, the make up less than 1% of all murders.

And, a bit surprisingly, our region is actually known for producing serial killers. Both Texas and Louisiana are in the Top 10.

Serial Killers in Louisiana

According to DataPanda, Louisiana comes in tied for 6th on the list of serial killers - with 6 known serial killers from the state. To kind of put that in perspective (and we'll talk about this more in a minute), Texas is 3rd on this list with 8. So, giant state like Texas has 8 and we're sitting at, per capita, we may be top 3. Which is pretty frightening.

Even more frightening - it seems that some of the most vicious and dangerous killers are from Shreveport. Danny Rolling, aka the Gainesville Ripper, is a Shreveport native. He murdered at least 5 people and inspired the Scream Franchise. Nathaniel Code, Shreveporter, murdered at least 8 people.

You can see the full of Louisiana serial killers below.

Serial Killers in Texas

DataPanda says that Texas has 8 known serial killers, putting them 3rd on the list behind only New York & California. And these killers, are some of the worst of the worst.

The Austin Axe Murder is the one of the first registered serial killers in US History. Ángel Maturino Reséndiz, aka the Railroad Killer, murdered at least 23 victims. The list goes on and on. Several of these killers have spawned movies: The Texarkana Moonlight Murders spawned The Town that Dreaded Sundown, there's numerous documentaries about all of the Texas serial killers.

And, allegedly, there's potentially another serial killer potentially on the loose in Austin.

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